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Planning + Roadmapping
  • Diagnosing challenges and opportunities

  • Creating and showcasing digital roadmaps

  • Scaling digital assets that have the potential to transform

  • Arranging digital products for portfolio synergy

  • Distilling value propositions to their core

Management + Development
  • Building apps, websites and platforms that achieve goals

  • Establishing processes for strong product dev + management

  • Launching digital products successfully

  • Getting predictable results out of development teams

  • Architecting for digital success


Design Thinking + Culture
  • Teaching design thinking

  • Identifying "jobs" customers want to hire your brand for

  • Creating wireframes that bring concepts to life

  • Learning about your customers and competitors

  • Constructing prototypes quickly and inexpensively

  • Instilling a culture of agility

Storytelling + Consensus Building
  • Telling stories that convince stakeholders (e.g., about the importance of digital or a digital initiative)

  • Translating tech-speak into business needs and vice versa

  • Understanding the intersection of marketing and technology

  • Gaining alignment across cross-functional groups

  • Pitching digital applications or initiatives for funding

Innovation + IP
  • Inventing the future of your business and avoiding disruption

  • Finding protectable concepts in your tech and processes

  • Leading cross-functional innovation sessions

  • Determining whether securing IP protection is worthwhile

  • Developing a protection strategy and securing protection

  • Implementing innovation as a culture

For the Enterprise
  • Building digital teams and finding the right talent

  • Transforming traditional businesses toward digital

  • Fixing digital operations that don't achieve results

  • Organizing human and financial capital for success in digital

  • Integrating legacy solutions with digital programs

  • Partnering with the right tech firms and agencies

We're no stranger to digital challenges big and small. Get in touch, and we'll map the path forward. 

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